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Cafe Concrete 2019 - This Is Visual Concrete

29 Oct 2019 09:00

The popular event Cafe Concrete returns on 29th October 2019. This pop-up event will provide inspiration and information on the design and construction of visual concrete and the positive decisions for designers to address climate change considerations. Our venue this year is Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre on the Southbank, with its exposed concrete interiors designed by Haworth Tompkins.


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EPDs - Environmental Impact Of Concrete Cladding

01 Jul 2019

British Precast Architectural and Structural have published a third EPD, detailing the environmental impact of 1m2 of brick-faced precast concrete cladding from cradle-to-grave.

We Have A Wealth Of Resources Available...

13 Nov 2018

British Precast Architectural and Structural offers a range of helpful resources to help architects and specifiers maximise the benefits of offsite precast.

Benefits of Offsite Precast

28 Aug 2018

Precast concrete is virtually unlimited in its application including the entire structure or selected elements such as frame, floors, walls, stairs or balconies. The advantages of factory production, combined with the inherent benefits of concrete, provide compelling reasons to use precast concrete.

We've Rebranded!

11 Jul 2018

The product association previously known as the Architectural and Structural Precast Association (ASPA) underwent a rebrand at the start of 2018 to bring its brand identity in line with a number of other associations across the British Precast family.

The New Home For Key2Concrete

11 Jul 2018

British Precast Architectural and Structural are committed to providing technical information on precast concrete elements and associated fixings and design considerations. As part of this commitment, British Precast Architectural and Structural is now the new home for Key2Concrete.